Nail Snail – Get the new innovative nail trimmer for babies & children

When it comes to cutting our babies toe nails, it can be a tricky task. I know myself I have been there for about half an hour worried I am going to cut of my little girls finger. Despite having bought baby nail clippers, I still find they are not really that good. This as a result has left me feeling quite frustrated and led me to see if there is anything better out there.  c-and-c-nail-trimmer-1-1024x758

After the searching the web, I came across a lovely lady called Julia Christie. She is from Australia and shared similar frustrations to me and other mums I know when trying to cut our babies nails. She therefore decided to design something more effective and safer, she has spent the last three years coming up with the product called “NailSnail” under the family name “Christie & Christie”.  

Christie & Christie have designed this fabulous product so that it can be used from Newborn’s all the way up to children. I love this concept as having three children ages 5, 3 and 1. I can use this on all three of them. The Nail Snail includes a nail cutter for both nails and toes, it includes a nail file and an under nail cleaner. This amazing Nail Snail has a patent approved V shape so you can see what your doing as well as a safety guard to stop damage to those precious fingers and toes. In addition the rubber grip handle maximizes control and allows you to trim efficiently.  c-and-c-trimmer

So far the Nail Snail has had a huge positive response from parents who have tested the product and I must admit I am really excited to get my hands on one. From February 2017 they will be launching a Kickstarter program and as a result will be taking pre-orders from their website, so put the date in your calendar!

In the meantime you can keep track of the launch date through their Facebook page here or their Instagram page here.

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